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COMPACT - Cryo OnlineMultidetector for Physics and Chemistry of Transactinides

The Cryo OnlineMultidetector for Physics And Chemistry of Transactinides (COMPACT) is a gas chromatography setup suitable for investigations of the interaction strength of short-lived single radioactive species with different bulk materials. Its chromatography channel is formed by an array of 32 sandwiches of PIPS detectors which form a rectangular channel, the inner surface of which consists of the active area of the PIPS detectors, which are suitable for registering α particles and fission fragments emitted from species that decay inside the channel. The array can be operated at room temperature (Isothermal chromatography). Alternatively, a negative temperature gradient from ambient temperature to about -180 °C can be applied through a liquid nitrogen cryostat (Thermochromato-graphy). A thin layer of the material, upon which adsorption of the species of interest shall be studied – typically Au, SiO2, Si3N4, or Al2O3 – covers the active area of the detector.
With a very high detection efficiency for α- decay (93%) and spontaneous fission (100%), COMPACT allows highly sensitive experiments with volatile transactinide species like HsO4, or Cn and Fl in their elemental states.